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Are you that person who knows your current home is not quite cutting it anymore, but you just don’t know what you can or should do about it?
Perhaps you know EXACTLY what tweaking your home needs, but you don’t yet have the know-how, and/or the confidence to make it happen?
Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a new home that ticks MOST of your boxes and you’re wondering if there’s a way to have it tick ALL of your boxes?
Maybe you would appreciate the input from a design professional, but you are not sure what it will cost, or if they will be approachable?
If you can relate to any of these scenarios, please allow us to…


Our DDD sessions are relaxed, informative and insightful 1hr or 2hr sessions with Aaron, one of our founding Architects. And the best part is that it is 100% obligation free…no strings attached!

We understand that sometimes you just need a little bit of knowledge backing you in order to make some important decisions about the build project you are about to take on.  We also understand that not everyone wants to engage an architect for the entire length of the project.  That’s why these sessions come with zero commitment to ongoing architectural fees…unless of course you want that commitment, in which case we can certainly oblige.

Aaron will help YOU to reveal and/or clarify what YOU want to achieve by undertaking your project, and he will use his 25+ years of experience to give YOU everything YOU need to achieve the great living space YOU deserve…and most importantly, within YOUR budget!

Family and life are fluid, and at times our built space needs to accommodate change. If you are considering your options or need more information to make your next step, Aaron can help. From the comfort of your own home (if that’s what you’d prefer) he can provide you with tailored architectural design advice to give you direction and clarity. For a fixed price, Aaron can meet you in your home to explore your options.

Here are just some examples of scenarios Aaron can provide insight on:

after one

  • renovation or extension ideas to your current home
  • renovation or extension ideas before you commit to buying your new home
  • design ideas for a new home: knock down and rebuild, or on vacant land
  • separate building (granny flat, teenager’s retreat, home office, etc)
  • pool and entertainment structure
  • redevelopment potential of your land

So...What Do You Get For Your Investment?

Initial Review

Aaron will conduct a desktop review of your site before the session to investigate any limitations and potential of your land and locality. This may include inquiries on the following:

  • Local council and national building regulations (zoning, setback, height, number of storeys, character code and flooding impacts)
  • Underground services and possible impact (stormwater, sewage)
  • Environmental factors (solar, wind, views)
  • The initial review will help Aaron customise his design guidance

Design Guidance

Aaron can meet you at your home or land (or in our office if you prefer) so you can talk over what you want, and what you need. With his guidance you can refine your options to help you make an educated decision about where to go next with your project. Our DDD sessions primarily focus on the bigger picture, i.e. not on subjective elements such as colours and materials.

Demystify the Design & Approval Process

You will gain an invaluable understanding of the process from start to finish (if that’s what you want). Aaron will outline the permits, approvals and documentation you will need and which consultants you might need to consider. Our research and feedback demonstrates that a lack of knowledge and confidence in this area is one of the biggest and most common obstacles our clients face. Aaron will walk you through the steps at your pace so that the process doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Guidance on Planning your Budget

Aaron can give you an indication of costs for permits, approvals, design fees, consultant’s fees, approximate construction cost. After your session with Aaron, you will come to realise that not all architects are out to spend all your life savings. Aaron is not one to mislead you when it comes to ensuring that your budget is in alignment with your aspirations – he is very good at keeping things real.

Written Summary

One of our DDD sessions is potentially packed full of important information that you simply do not want to forget! As such, you will be provided with a written summary of what was discussed during the session. We usually get this report back to you within 2 business days of your session.


Above all else, Aaron is here to give you customised design guidance, so make the most of his expertise and don’t be afraid to ask even the most embarrassing questions…we can guarantee that he would have heard them all before!


Are you ready to...




Booking your DDD session is a simple 3 step process:



Check your Location

We are based in an inner northern suburb of Brisbane. We would love to help everyone gain clarity and direction with their next project, but we simply can’t be everywhere! We service most suburbs of Brisbane and travel as far north as Redcliffe and as far south as Eight Mile Plains. Some areas may incur a travel fee, or may not be eligible for the DDD sessions, so if you're not sure if we service your area, please contact us prior to booking.


Decide on Your Session

Decide if you need a 1hr (recommended for smaller projects) or 2hr session (recommended for larger projects). *Our standard sessions can be booked Mon-Fri to commence from 8:30am and finish by 5:00pm. Should you need to book a session outside of these times, please contact us prior to booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Out of hours sessions will incur a 15% surcharge.


Make Your Booking

Click on the relevant green button below to book your session. Once your booking has been processed, we will contact you to schedule a suitable day, time and location for your DDD session. *Our standard sessions can be booked Mon-Fri to commence from 8:30am and finish by 5:00pm. Should you need to book a session outside of these times, please contact us prior to booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Out of hours sessions will incur a 15% surcharge.


So...What Happens After the Session?


Once you’ve digested and considered all the information
discussed during the session with Aaron, you have a number of options…


Option 1

If you still want to know more and/or have more in-depth or precise questions to ask, we encourage you to book a 1HR follow up session - just click on the green button below.  During this session, Aaron (armed with the background information already) can explore your specific project even further in order to gain more clarity on what you need and/or want.


Option 2

Chances are that after your initial DDD session, you will be inspired and motivated to move ahead with your project.  At this exciting stage, we can help you through the next phase of your project and would invite you to engage our professional architectural services.  Unlike many architects, we are happy to have as much or as little involvement as you wish. Although there are proven benefits to commissioning an architect throughout the entire design and documentation stage, we understand wholeheartedly that not everyone wishes to do so, and that’s thier prerogative.  That said, as a thank you for continuing with us, we would offer you 10% discount on the sketch design fee.

Option 3

The session is a no-obligation service, which means you are 100% free to end our association at this point. You can take the written summary and all the insights you have gained during our session and do with it what you please.  This might mean you take the information elsewhere, or it might mean you use it as a tool to assist your own team throughout the next phase of your project.


What Past Clients are Saying...

“Mullarch’s DDD session was exactly what I needed when I undertook what I thought was a simple renovation.  I didn’t sign them up for the entire project (which I wish I had’ve now) but they were great to have in my corner when things went pear-shaped.  Aaron is very knowledgeable and informative which gave me great peace of mind and the confidence to finish off the project.” - Rachel


“As soon as Aaron started speaking with us about what we wanted to do with our renovation, we could tell he knew what he was talking about. It was so helpful to speak with someone who actually knew what we could and couldn’t do…even though it meant we had to rethink our original ideas.  We never knew how much there was to think about when it comes to getting building work done!” - Margaret


“We had already signed up with a project home builder when we decided to contact MullArch for some design advice.  We were reasonably happy with the plans the builder had provided, but there were just a few things that we weren’t quite sure about.  After spending a session with Aaron, we went back to the builder with some design changes that they were happy to accommodate. Now that we are living in our new home, we can really see the benefit of the advice Aaron gave us that resulted in the changes we made.” - Graeme